Tuesday, August 19, 2014

COMSOL Offers Online 'Electrical Showcase' for Electrical Engineers

BURLINGTON, MA, Aug 19, 2014 - The Electrical Showcase, called Designing and Modeling Electrical Systems and Devices, a new online resource for electrical engineers, is now available on the COMSOL website. This resource features valuable content about how electrical systems, components, and devices can be effectively modeled using COMSOL Multiphysics and its add-on products. Explore the showcase at: www.comsol.com/showcase/electrical.

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Simulating Electrical Systems

For engineers interested in learning about the capabilities of COMSOL for modeling electrical systems, the Designing and Modeling Electrical Systems and Devices showcase is the place to start. Packed full of valuable resources, the showcase explores the multiphysics approach to modeling through a variety of examples, demonstrating the ability of COMSOL Multiphysics to seamlessly combine any physics effect with any other electrical phenomena, mechanical stresses, fluid flow, and chemical reactions. Through a series of how-to videos, user case studies, white papers, example models, and more, electrical engineers from all disciplines can discover how multiphysics modeling can aid in the design process.

The tools offered by COMSOL facilitate the conceptualization, verification, and optimization of a product from start to finish.


COMSOL provides simulation software for product design and research to technical enterprises, research labs, and universities through 20 offices and a distributor network throughout the world. Its flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics, is a software environment for modeling and simulating any physics-based system. A particular strength is its ability to account for coupled or multiphysics phenomena. Add-on products expand the simulation platform for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Interfacing tools enable the integration of COMSOL Multiphysics simulation with all major technical computing and CAD tools on the CAE market. For  more information, visit http://www.comsol.com.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Delcam to Launch PowerSHAPE Pro 2015 CAD for CAM at IMTS

BIRMINGHAM, UK, Jul 20, 2014 - Delcam will launch the 2015 version of its PowerSHAPE Pro CAD for CAM system for modelling for manufacture and reverse engineering at IMTS 2014 in Chicago from 8th to 13th September on booth E3222, the largest CAM software booth at the show. The new release will include improvements in direct modelling, surface modelling and reverse engineering, plus support for data from Creaform HandySCAN hand-held scanners.

By offering a combination of solid, surface and direct modelling, together with reverse engineering functionality, PowerSHAPE Pro provides the most comprehensive range of design techniques available in a single CAD program. Having all the different technologies in the same package reduces the need to transfer data between multiple programs and so streamlines the whole product development process. At the same time, the combination of quick and easy direct modelling options, together with powerful and flexible surface modelling, makes PowerSHAPE Pro the perfect choice for design for manufacture.

The improvements in direct modelling build on the introduction of the Smart Feature Manager and the Smart Feature Selector in recent releases. The Smart Feature Manager allows users to identify all the features, such as fillets, slots, bosses etc, within a solid in a single operation and so makes the analysis of the imported data easier and faster. The Smart Feature Selector then allows multiple similar features to be found and selected using either a specific value or a range of values.

Once the particular group has been selected, all the features within it can be edited simultaneously. For example, all holes having a diameter of 5mm can have their diameter increased to 10mm in one operation.

This new functionality will speed the preparation of models for manufacturing significantly. For example, one common problem in product designs that are to be moulded or cast is that fillet sizes are set so small that they restrict the flow of material. The Smart Feature Selector can be used to identify any fillets below the required radius and then all the fillets found can be increased to the desired minimum size simultaneously.

Another potential application is in tidying up models created by reverse engineering, where features that are intended to be identical, such as a series of holes, will often show small variations. In such cases, all the items within a specified tolerance band can be selected and then all adjusted together to the same precise size.

One of PowerSHAPE Pro's great strengths has always been its surface modelling capabilities, giving the user the ability to create any shape they can imagine. These capabilities have been further improved with new dynamic point editing. Multiple points, either along a single curve or picked from multiple curves, can now be selected and moved, with real-time updating of the model. This makes styling of free-form shapes easier and quicker, and also speeds up modelling for manufacture tasks like removing undercuts from tooling designs.

Another strong area for PowerSHAPE Pro that has also been made faster and easier is the ability to morph complete models into a new shape. One key application for this option is in compensating for springback in press tools or warpage in molded products. The user can alter CAD directly based on scan data from a sample part collected as a point cloud or as a triangle mesh, with a choice between either updating the CAD model of the part to match the as-produced item or adjusting the tooling design so that it can produce parts matching the original CAD data.

Another important application of morphing is in updating parts that need to be repaired but that have changed their shape during use. A typical example is turbine blades that have been distorted by heat so that their shape no longer matches the CAD data used for their manufacture. Again, the original CAD data can be adjusted to match scan data captured from the actual part.

The main enhancement to PowerSHAPE Pro's reverse engineering functionality is a more automated method for capturing cross-sections through a mesh. The software now fits lines and fillets to the cross-section where it can, with the user able to control the tolerance used. This method uses the mesh as a guide instead of treating it as exact geometry with the priority of capturing the design intent rather than ensuring a precise fit to the scan data.

For more information on PowerSHAPE Pro, visit www.powershape.com.

For more information, visit http://www.delcam.com.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ion Beam Applications SA Selects Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE

VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France, Jun 26, 2014 - Dassault Systems, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, announced that Ion Beam Applications SA (IBA), the leading medical device manufacturer and pioneer in proton beam therapy for cancer treatment, selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform based on V6 architecture, and its "Licensed to Cure for Medical Device" industry solution experience. With "Licensed to Cure for Medical Device", IBA will support the development processes of its medical accelerator solutions.

The changing medical needs of a growing world population, along with advances in medical research, place extreme challenges on medical device manufacturers to accelerate development of innovative and safe equipment that comply with stringent national and international regulations. IBA wanted to transition from a labor-intensive engineered-to-order approach to a standardized collaborative development approach that results in an extensive series of production-ready machines that fit a variety of complex customers' demands.

Thanks to "Licensed to Cure for Medical Device," IBA's global teams get a centralized access to the most up to date design, regulatory and quality information, ensuring regulatory compliance. Users spend little time looking for product data when they need to respond to a regulatory body's request for information. IBA has full traceability and can tightly secure its corporate intellectual property. This helps maintain its competitive edge against other medical device companies.

"With 'Licensed to Cure for Medical Device' we will have a single unifying development framework in which we can capitalize all our data, processes and methodologies for future reuse, and from there improve the productivity of all downstream processes." said Thomas Canon, PLM Program Manager at IBA.

"Medical device manufacturers have a dual responsibility: to patients for innovative therapeutic solutions, and to regulatory bodies that must ensure that their equipment abides by stringent safety and quality protocols," said Monica Menghini, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Industry and Marketing, Dassault Systems. "The integrated 'Licensed to Cure for Medical Device' industry solution experience gives the Life Science Industry a competitive means to provide a faster reply to operators’ needs and, ultimately, faster accessibility to therapies for the patients."

For more information on Dassault Systems' industry solution experiences for the life sciences industry, visit Life Sciences section.

About Dassault Systems

Dassault Systems, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systems' collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 190,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. 

For more information, visit http://www.3ds.com.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

COMSOL Adds Online Resource to Website for Mechanical Engineers

BURLINGTON, MA, Jun 22, 2014 - A new online resource for mechanical engineers is now available on the COMSOL website. The Analyzing Mechanical Systems & Designs showcase is a comprehensive online resource featuring content about applications, physics, and industries pertaining to the modeling of mechanical designs. 

Using the resource, engineers from all disciplines can gain insight into applications that include mechanical effects and that require multiphysics simulation for their successful design. Explore information about modeling thermal stress and deformation, acoustics, multibody dynamics, nonlinear materials, and much more at: www.comsol.com/showcase/mechanical.

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Modeling Mechanical Systems with Real-World Accuracy

The COMSOL Multiphysics software allows for a unified simulation that couples physics phenomena in a way that accurately replicates their interactions in the real world. The mechanical showcase was created as a resource to demonstrate the powerful modeling capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics for simulating the physics involved in mechanical systems, depicting how mechanical phenomena can be accurately captured and analyzed. It contains rich content including videos, case studies, presentations, and example models that illustrate how a physical prototype or design idea can most accurately be represented using finite element analysis. First-hand accounts from world-renowned companies detail how multiphysics modeling has helped improve device design, shortened time to market, and allowed for innovative concepts to be quickly explored.


COMSOL provides simulation software for product design and research to technical enterprises, research labs, and universities through 20 offices and a distributor network throughout the world. Its flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics®, is a software environment for modeling and simulating any physics-based system. A particular strength is its ability to account for coupled or multiphysics phenomena. Add-on products expand the simulation platform for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Interfacing tools enable the integration of COMSOL Multiphysics simulation with all major technical computing and CAD tools on the CAE market. For more information, visit http://www.comsol.com.

Open Design Alliance Promotes Neil Peterson to President

PHOENIX, AZ, Jun 22, 2014 - Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced that Neil Peterson, formerly chief technical officer, was appointed president of the ODA on the retirement of Arnold van der Weide.

"Arnold is retiring after 7 years of distinguished service," said Neil Peterson. "Under his seasoned leadership ODA has seen a strong and steady growth in membership, as well as significant improvements in the quality and scope of our software."

"I leave the ODA in extremely capable hands," commented Arnold van der Weide. "Since becoming CTO in 2007 Neil has built the ODA development team into a modern, stable, highly focused unit that efficiently serves the needs of the industry."

Peterson was responsible for modernizing the ODA's infrastructure and establishing automated quality systems. He also doubled the size of the development team and streamlined internal operations through an Agile development process.

"Our infrastructure and process improvements have made us more efficient, allowing us to expand our development into mobile and cloud services," affirmed Peterson. "I see a bright future for the ODA. I'm pleased to be stepping into this new role, and I'm looking forward to building upon our recent success."

For more information, visit http://www.opendesign.com.

Open Design Alliance Releases Teigha 4.0

PHOENIX, AZ, Jun 22, 2014 - Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the release of version 4.0 of Teigha, its software development platform for engineering applications.

Version 4.0 contains the alpha release of Teigha Cloud, ODA's new framework for cloud-based rendering of .dwg and .dgn files. Teigha Cloud allows ODA members to take full advantage of cloud-based computing resources and give their customers easy access to extensive information and powerful processing from small, inexpensive mobile devices with limited storage capacity.

By providing ODA members with a strong foundation for building cloud-based apps, Teigha Cloud minimizes time-consuming development. Crucially, it also gives members the freedom to deploy the applications they develop as they choose. With Teigha Cloud there is no obligation to buy into a specific hosting service and no risk of a third party locking up stored data.

"ODA's cloud strategy differs from most other companies in that our goals are openness and flexibility," said Neil Peterson, CTO of the ODA. "We are giving our members complete control so they can, for example, host applications themselves or deploy them on partner or customer sites."

Using Teigha Cloud, drawing files are stored on a remote server and can be accessed by a lightweight client within any WebGL-compatible browser. Standard rendering functions include zoom, pan, 3D rotation, visual styles, selection and layer control.

Teigha 4.0 also contains enhanced support for mobile platforms, including Java support for Android and improvements to Android and iOS rendering.

"Cloud technology is a key focus for us, but it's not a panacea," continues Peterson. "Native apps are the preferred choice for many situations, and Teigha fully supports native development on iOS and Android. Our aim is to provide choice for our members, and allow them to pick the right technology to meet their needs."

In addition Teigha 4.0 contains fixes for more than 400 member-reported issues. Teigha version 4.0 is available for download by ODA members at www.opendesign.com. A demo version of Teigha Cloud is available on the ODA member portal.

ZWSOFT Releases ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP2

GUANGZHOU, China, Jun 22, 2014 - ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of CAD solutions for the global MCAD and AEC industries, has released ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP2, an update to its Top Builder Award winning CAD software featuring many exciting improvements. From more efficient menu organization to improved unit settings, the update also includes many other bug fixes.

Unit Settings

With the ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP2 update, users can now choose which unit they would like their drawings to be based upon. Whereas previously users were only able to annotate their entities in millimeters, they can now choose between meters, centimeters, inches and feet. This allows users to personalize designs even further to their own needs, whatever units of measurement they prefer, removing the need to convert measurements manually.

Simplified Menu Layout

Since efficiency and simplicity is a vital factor in speeding up the design process, the new screen menus in ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP2 have been specifically designed to improve speed of selection, while promoting the most used functions and reducing the number of clicks needed to access them. The stress and intricacy involved in complex architectural design means that small areas of relief, such as an efficiently organized screen menu, can make a huge difference to motivations, as well as speed of the design process.

Further Updates

Beyond these two primary updates, other additions have been made that make improvements to ZWCAD+ Architecture 2014. Users can now use grid editing to adjust the thickness of walls, while they can also define the scale limit value for a detailed drawing with far greater ease. These minor adjustments to commonly used features make a significant difference to the entire design process. Beyond these features, the French version of ZWCAD+ Architecture 2014 SP2 features an extra ribbon tab and palette, in order to make the user interface more efficient and simple.

This update to the award winning ZWCAD+ Architecture 2014 brings with it crucial bug fixes as well as new tools and improved features in a package that will improve the efficiency of the design process, while also increasing the quality of output. To try it out, click here.


ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., is an international CAD software provider through its network of over 150 partners in 80+ countries and regions. The flagship products of ZWSOFT include ZWCAD+, the CAD solution developed by its wholly owned subsidiary company, ZWCAD DESIGN, and ZW3D CAD/CAM software.

For more information, visit http://www.zwsoft.com.

Delcam Adds Design, Machining Tips on YouTube

BIRMINGHAM, UK, Jun 22, 2014 - Delcam has posted a series of videos on YouTube showing tips for users of its PowerSHAPE CAD software and its PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems. These latest additions bring the total number of videos to over 1,200 on Delcam's Advanced Manufacturing Solutions channel on YouTube.

The PowerSHAPE playlist of tips comprises five videos. These cover the use of the Solid Doctor and PowerSHAPE’s trim-region editing tools for data repair, an introduction to the use of the Smart Surfacer for surface creation, plus examples of creating a blend between three surfaces and of separating the internal and external surfaces in a solid model. To see the playlist, click here

The playlist for PowerMILL includes five videos demonstrating a variety of machining methods for items including cavities, open pockets, side walls and upstands. A sixth video shows how to apply parameters from one toolpath to other toolpaths. For PowerMILL playlist, click here.

10 videos make up the FeatureCAM playlist. These include two examples of the use of Delcam’s award-winning area-clearance strategy, Vortex, one in a milling example and one in a turn-mill project. Other demonstrations show how to use stock models in 2.5D machining, a comparison of automatic and interactive feature recognition, selection of features by colour or type, parametric surface machining and programming from 2D DXF data. For full FeatureCAM playlist, click here.

Delcam's Marketing Manager, Peter Dickin, explained that the demonstrations were originally part of the material presented at the company's UK Technical Update Days, which are held each year at locations around the country. "We thought that the videos would be helpful both to our UK customers who were unable to attend the meetings and to our international customers," he said. "If they prove popular, we will look into adding more material after this year’s series of events in October.”

For more information about Delcam and its products, visit http://www.delcam.com.